Good with the Bad…

Sometimes you just have to give kudos to those that try. I sent a list to about some issues we have found on our property. She was very attentive. I came home to find two items addressed. The others will have to wait for better weather. Well done Darlene.

Found this qoute on the net:

HOAs are breeding grounds for people who like to feel they are important.

I read in the newsletter about our new board members. Well the 2013 board has a new slate. We will see how this board shapes up compared to the others.

Spring is a time when many people seem to get very nosey. Maybe that’s because winter has finally let them out and they need to assert themselves on people. This is the year we will push back and question everything. Don’t take for granted that you have little recourse in any matter brought before you. Of course if you are in the wrong, that’s one thing. But if you feel you are being wronged, fight every chance that you get. Go to the board meetings and challenge their assessments. Make them prove they are right!

One last note, I noticed many of our neighbors flying through the stop sign and speeding down our street. It only takes one slip up of a dog getting loose or a child wandering into the street to completely ruin someone’s life. Slow down and keep your eyes open!


Nick T

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