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This is going to get good…

Stay tuned for some all-new adventures with the Tyler Bluff Board!

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Now I am noisy?

Another thing to complain about.  I recieved this from the HOA today. I am in disbelief!
I have been contacted by a couple of the homeowners in regard to a Blue Nissan 350 Z. The car has loud mufflers and has been parking in the clubhouse parking area. The car appear to belong to someone at your unit. Two issues:
1. The vehicle can not continue to park in the clubhouse parking and must park in your garage or driveway..
2. The owner leaves between 11:15 and 11:45 at night and the loud muffler wakes the neighbors.

Please address this. If the car does not belong to your unit, let me know.

Care Property Management, Inc.
1985 East Devon Avenue
Hanover Park, IL 60133
And of course my reply!
I love this one. I did not know there was a curfew for when we can come and go.
We let the friend of the family park his motorcycle in our garage. So on nice days, he drives over as a visitor, and takes his motorcycle for the day. He drops it off when his day is done and takes his car home. He doesn’t leave it overnight, like many of our neighbors family have all summer that live down at that end.
Where is this going to go? Do all the Harley Riders with loud exhaust have a curfew to get home by a certain time? I have been awakened many an evening this summer by motorcycles coming in late. Price you pay for living in a townhouse community. If you would like to give the names of the people who are complaining, I will be happy to talk it out with them.
If the car is louder than the the city of Elgin noise law, please Have them call us with the db meter reading.
As a guest of mine, he can park his car there to get access to my house. Just like the family members of the families down the street park there vehicles for their weekend visits.
This is not towards you , the messenger, but feel free to pass it along to the people concerned. FYI, my Harley is within the city sound limits. And I will start it and ride it between 11:30 and midnight everyday if this harassment continues.
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Another love letter from the board!

This time for leaving a motorcycle in the driveway over night. I am at a loss of words. The board needs to find a new whipping boy.

And I am stuck here for now. The market is to soft. Of course I could rent it out. Maybe that is the ticket. Just fill the place with renters…


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Snarky – Yes it’s a word.

It seems that even after the bad weather Friday and bringing my trash cans to the garage door that evening, I was to slow putting them away.

I really couldn’t tell if our new president was being funny or snarky to my wife Saturday mid-morning. And if you can’t tell, it usually isn’t funny.

At least Darlene at the HOA emailed me to let me know that I was slow. Thanks Darlene.

Nothing like living your life knowing you are on “The List”.

Nick T

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Good with the Bad…

Sometimes you just have to give kudos to those that try. I sent a list to about some issues we have found on our property. She was very attentive. I came home to find two items addressed. The others will have to wait for better weather. Well done Darlene.

Found this qoute on the net:

HOAs are breeding grounds for people who like to feel they are important.

I read in the newsletter about our new board members. Well the 2013 board has a new slate. We will see how this board shapes up compared to the others.

Spring is a time when many people seem to get very nosey. Maybe that’s because winter has finally let them out and they need to assert themselves on people. This is the year we will push back and question everything. Don’t take for granted that you have little recourse in any matter brought before you. Of course if you are in the wrong, that’s one thing. But if you feel you are being wronged, fight every chance that you get. Go to the board meetings and challenge their assessments. Make them prove they are right!

One last note, I noticed many of our neighbors flying through the stop sign and speeding down our street. It only takes one slip up of a dog getting loose or a child wandering into the street to completely ruin someone’s life. Slow down and keep your eyes open!


Nick T

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Hello Neighbors !

Welcome to!

Well it happened again. For some reason, old people and busybodies in this community think it is ok to speak your mind to our family members about things of which they have no understanding. Things like, “It’s bad enough you have 4 cars.” Or, “You are going to get a letter from the HOA about your trash cans!”

OK, I get it! We have rules in our HOA. And we all do our best to comply. Sometimes there are circumstances where we deviate from the rules. Things like a death in the family and a garage full of our parents things that need going through. I do not believe anyone moved into this community to do harm. This is where we live. Those of you that have never slipped up, be the first to cast their unneeded opinion.

This was going to be a website for our community. Announcements, parties and things like that. It is sad that the local nib$hits and elder members of this community compelled me to start this blog. I know we are not the only family that are being disrespected like this. We have lived here over 10 years now and it still continues.

I have many things wrong with the upkeep of the exterior of our home. These are things that are to be fixed by the HOA. Nobody jumps at the chance to bring this up, but god forbid you leave some bags of clothing in front of your garage for charity pick up!!! Of course we all notice the special treatment some members recieve. This wheel is about to get very squeaky!

I will be updating this blog on occasion as I see the need. I also plan on keeping a photo journal of all my lovely neighbours and there property. 🙂

Also, if you are so interested in talking to our young family members, you may also want to meet our German Shepherds. They just love old people.

Have a nice day!

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