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Definition of HOA

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This is going to get good…

Stay tuned for some all-new adventures with the Tyler Bluff Board!

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Now I am noisy?

Well, Another thing to complain about.  I recieved this from the HOA today. I am in disbelief! I have been contacted by a couple of the homeowners in regard to a Blue Nissan 350 Z. The car has loud mufflers … Continue reading

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Another love letter from the board!

This time for leaving a motorcycle in the driveway over night. I am at a loss of words. The board needs to find a new whipping boy. And I am stuck here for now. The market is to soft. Of … Continue reading

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Snarky – Yes it’s a word.

It seems that even after the bad weather Friday and bringing my trash cans to the garage door that evening, I was to slow putting them away. I really couldn’t tell if our new president was being funny or snarky to my … Continue reading

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Good with the Bad…

Sometimes you just have to give kudos to those that try. I sent a list to about some issues we have found on our property. She was very attentive. I came home to find two items addressed. The others will … Continue reading

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Hello Neighbors !

Welcome to! Well it happened again. For some reason, old people and busybodies in this community think it is ok to speak your mind to our family members about things of which they have no understanding. Things like, “It’s bad enough you … Continue reading

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